Courtney Imhoff


I live for the moment when the event becomes reality; the rush of people entering a ballroom or doors opening for a big event.  All the planning and prep is coming together and it's show time!  

Orchestrating events is my passion and one that started in 2000 working at gift mart and trade-show events for a Seattle based textile company.  After taking a bit of break, I found myself back at it in 2008 and have been designing events ever since.

I have a strong passion for doing things differently and adding elements to an event that will surprise and engage the audience.  I believe the best events are those that inspire, move and invoke emotion.  I have been able to create a business where managing events no longer means picking out a linen but rather designs events with character, adding to the culture of an organization!

While I love picking out a linen and helping with florals, if that's what you are looking for, there is probably a better planner out there for you!  If you are hoping for an event manager that will get to know your organization and create an event that will have people talking - you've come to the right place!