"As a member of the Board of Directors of Camp Mak-A-Dream, I have worked with Courtney on several events over the past two years. Not only is she an amazing event planner - detailed, calm under pressure, and an effective communicator - but she is truly passionate about her clients' mission and goals. This enthusiasm allowed her to partner with us to not just put on an event that would ultimately raise money for Camp, but create a memorable experience for our donors that will ultimately lead to repeat events and sustained revenue. 

Courtney is as dedicated to helping us as the staff and Board - her enthusiasm is contagious and her product stellar. I cannot recommend her more highly."
 - Margot, Vice President, Avalon Consulting Group

​"Rarely do I feel this strongly about recommending other people for their skills, expertise and service. Courtney Imhoff is one of those special people who stands out professionally and personably. Not only is she skilled at event planning and coordination, she does it with great organization and calmness. She has significant experience and insight, filling her events with uniqueness and character. When problems arise, she is quick to deal with it. Creativity is a strong suit of hers. Most of all, Courtney is an absolute pleasure to work with as her focus is placed upon those needing her help. Many times she would have been justified to brush people off, yet her passion is people. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I'm traveling to participate in the event or if I'm simply heading off to see and visit with my friend. Yes. She is simply that good."
 - Bill, Liberty Northwest

​"I have worked with Courtney (at my work - Hospice Care Foundation) on a couple of events. She is amazing to work with, pulls in amazing staffers to help her get the job done and always has wonderfully creative ideas. No job is too big or too small. I would recommend her for any special event."
 - Kevi, CEO, Hospice Care Foundation 

"Courtney was excellent to work with! Creative, responsive, and willing to take the time to really understand the Missoula Community Foundation to come up with solutions that work for us. Highly recommended."   
- Meredith, Missoula Community Foundation ​​